Survival of the Fittest

Happy 2019! It’s the first day of the new year and I’m looking forward to each and every day. I’m especially excited about sharing my passion of indoor and outdoor gardening. I’m an amateur at best but I love being surrounded by the beauty that flowers and luscious greenery bring into my own little corner of the world. My lack of knowledge doesn’t seem to deter me and I’ve convinced myself that my passion alone will sustain my growing beauties until my knowing catches up.

Sometimes I think I’ve situated myself in the wrong corner of the world because the outdoor growing season is so short here in Pennsylvania. I drag my houseplants inside as soon as the temperatures start dropping and I’ve said my goodbyes to my beautiful perennials in my flour gardens until spring. My houseplants are nothing more than toddlers who immediately demonstrate tantrums and bad behavior in the weeks following their captivity and confinement in the dark spaces in my house. With over one hundred plants it is difficult to offer all of them ideal lighting. The cold temperature outdoors means the furnace comes on indoors and surrounds them in dry, arid conditions. Soon they start shedding their leaves and depositing enough of them for me to start a nice little compost pile if I so desired. And invariably the two dogs and three cats distribute the droppings in plant free zones in the house such as my bed or the bathtub. Its a full time job just trying to keep them alive until spring (the plants not the animals). Despite all of my ardent attempts I inevitably lose a handful throughout the winter season. And finally those that did survive or thrive in their winter home will go back outside and reward me with another summer full of the colors of the rainbow. Of course I suppose if it weren’t for those few months when they do bring so much joy to my life I might give up on them completely and find something else to fill my time. But honestly those few months full of beauty fuel my passion enough for me not to give up on them through these long winter months.

So here we are the first of January and my struggle is real to sustain my beauties in a real life survival of the fittest. I’ll water and prune and move them from one room to another for the next four months until the temperatures are warm enough that we can begin to renew our relationship and I the love that I truly have for them.

Stay positive today and everyday in the new year. Enjoy a walk through your garden peeps!


10 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. I’m over the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey. Do you live in eastern, central or western PA. I have connections to a lot of those areas since I was born in western PA.


      1. I lived in a little town south of Pittsburgh as a child, it was called Clinton. There was a camp-meeting there. My grandparents lived in a town called McDonald.


  2. Aha, should have read the accompanying paragraph about you. Northwest…would that mean near New York? I was born in Brookville Pennsylvania, and lived near Pittsburgh also for a time.


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